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Is it time to consider furnace replacement?

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According to Energy Star, certain telltale signs indicate it's time to call a professional about making a change if:

?    Your furnace is 15 years old
?    Your furnace needs an expensive repair
?    Your energy bill has gone up
?    Some rooms are too hot or cold
?    Your home has humidity problems
?    Your system is noisy

Energy Star tips to find a quality contractor

?    Expect a home inspection - The contractor should spend significant time inspecting your current system and home to assess your needs. A bigger system isn't always better; a contractor should calculate your heat loss and size the heating system based on the size of your house, level of insulation, and windows.
?    Get a written proposal - The exact cost, energy efficiency, installation details and warranty should also be included. The lowest price may not be the best deal in the long run, if it's not the most efficient, your energy costs will be higher.
?    We specialize in residential; we know the climate, codes, and construction in this area. We know what works and doesn’t work; your installation won’t be a test or training ground. Your installation will be done right. Saving you money.  
?    We will perform thorough heat loss / heat gain calculations and needs analysis; we won’t recommend anything you don’t need.   
?    All of our prices come out of a standard pricing guide. That is your assurance that we aren’t going to make up prices based on what we think we can get or charging by the neighborhood. Everyone pays the same amount for the same work.   
?    No Surprises Guarantee: The price quoted is a firm price; there are no hidden or extra charges even if the job requires more work than originally estimated.   
?    We guarantee your satisfaction so you can’t waste your money.   
?    All work will meet or exceed existing codes, so it works better, is safer, and lasts longer, saving you money.   
?    Your installation will be carefully planned. Your heat, water, or air conditioning will be off for the shortest amount of time possible.   
?    We’ll go over the details of your installation with you before any work begins, there won’t be any surprises.   
?    We use only time tested, field tested parts and supplies so it works better and last longer, saving you money.   
?    We will lay down tarps and wear shoe covers to protect your property from dirt and damage.
?    We will clean up when we’re done removing and disposing of all old parts and equipment.
?    All Technicians arrive in marked vehicles. This is for your security so you know who is pulling up to your door.