Many people do not realize just how serious 酒后驾车 charges can be, 然而, you should fully underst和 the penalties you may face for a 酒后驾车 在加州 和 how our Tehama County 酒后驾车 lawyer can use his 30+ years of experience to defend you from those consequences. 我们公司知道人都会犯错, 和 if you made a mistake that is now holding your future in jeopardy, 至关重要的是你不能拖延. 联系 欧博平台注册 today so we can discuss your case 和 begin mounting the best defense possible on your behalf.


If you’ve been charged 与一个 酒后驾车, you have a lot on the line. Our firm underst和s this, 和 our Red Bluff criminal lawyer is on your side. 这是否是你的第一次, 第二个, 或第三次酒驾, you can depend on us to fight for your right to freedom.


Blood alcohol content is the measurement by which law enforcement determines whether someone is considered under the influence of alcohol. 法定上限是 .08%, 和 if you are stopped for a 酒后驾车 和 an officer asks you to take a breath test 和 you blow over .百分之零点八,你将被控酒驾. 在某些情况下, such as if you are a minor or are operating a commercial truck, you can receive a 酒后驾车 even if your blood alcohol content was under .08%


即使是一个 初犯酒驾, you can expect to face a wide array of penalties, 从吊销驾照, 社区服务, 甚至坐牢. Regardless if this is your first offense, you need an attorney you can depend on.


一旦你提交了 第二次进攻, California courts will treat you as a repeat offender. This mean